Downward facing dog

Always inhale and exhale slowly and evenly through the nostrils, using the breath to allow you to move into the poses comfortably. If you take medication for any long-term health condition, please check with your GP before changing your exercise routine. 

Come to all fours, knees directly below hips and hands about 4in ahead of shoulders.

Spread your fingers apart, and press your thumbs and index fingers firmly into the mat. Inhale, tuck your toes under and on the exhale press your hips up and back into downward dog.

Bend your knees to start, ensuring they point straight ahead. The aim in this pose is to lengthen the spine. Keep pressing the mat away from you.

Externally rotate your upper arms to separate the upper shoulder blades and release tension in your neck. Send your hips high and draw the thighs to the back of the room.

As you are looking to find length in the spine, if your lower back rounds keep your knees bent.

If you have weak wrists, you can do this standing with your hands against a wall or on a chair.

To rest at any time, drop the knees gently to the mat and come into child’s pose.

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