Always inhale and exhale slowly and evenly through the nostrils, using the breath to allow you to move into the poses comfortably. If you take medication for any long-term health condition, please check with your GP before changing your exercise routine

Stand tall with long spine, shoulders relaxed, tailbone facing towards heels, parallel feet and tummy muscles slightly engaged.

Place hands on hips, shift your weight onto your left foot as you bend your right knee, and manually place the sole of right foot below or above your standing-leg knee.

Your pelvis should be square and facing forward. Press your foot against your leg, and leg against foot.

Let the whole of the standing foot ground into the mat beneath you. Place your palms together at your heart centre or extend them overhead, keeping the shoulders away from the ears. 

Fix your gaze on a still spot in front of you to help balance. Hold for a few steady breaths and repeat on the other side.

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