A few yoga poses for you to practise. Always inhale and exhale slowly and evenly through the nostrils, using the breath to allow you to move into the poses comfortably. If you take medication for any long-term health condition, please check with your GP before changing your exercise routine. 

Come to a wide stance, lengthways on the mat, outside edges of the feet parallel to short edges of the mat. Pivot on right heel so that toes face the short edge.

Take the left foot to a 30 degree angle. Inhale and extend arms out in line with shoulders. As you exhale, slowly begin to tip your pelvis over the right thigh, keeping the spine long and legs straight.

When you have gone as far as is comfortable, rest your right hand on the inside of your right leg (or a block or chair).

Open your left shoulder towards the ceiling and raise your left hand towards the ceiling. Root your feet very firmly into the mat.

Keep the back of your head in line with the back of your pelvis, and turn your head to look up, if this is comfortable enough for your neck.

Stay here for a few breaths before bending into your front knee and drawing yourself up to standing. Repeat on other side.

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